Music teachers


Sandy VanHeeringen took on a real challenge to start teaching a very active 5 year old the piano. We will always be indebted to her for
her hard work in this early time in James's musical education.


AIKO HAMAGUCHI was the first to introduce James to Burgmuller and Czerny and the wonderful world of classical music. It was
during  this time that James started showing his ability to play clearly. Aiko's formal training in classical music was of great help and
James improved at a fast pace during this time.


It must also be noted that during this time James's mom (Julie) was instrumental in working with James on a daily basis and was herself
a full time piano teacher for James.

November 17, 2008 to present

Krystyna Ogella had heard James play the piano in the spring of 2008 and expressed interest in teaching him the violin/cello, but we felt
he was not ready at that time for another instrument. On November 17, 2008 Krystyna started working with James on how to play with
other musicians. James would continue to play the piano and Krystyna would accompany him on the cello or violin. The results from
these sessions were fantastic and James was learning a great deal in short time frame. In March of 2009 James started trying to teach
himself the violin so we knew at this time he was ready for violin lessons. James presently takes violin lessons from Krystyna and from
time to time she accompanies him on the violin or cello while he plays the piano.

February 2009 to present

James takes lessons for classical piano from Yuriy Oliynyk from all four classical periods. James works on these pieces at the same time
to get a well rounded experience in his lessons. Once again James is making remarkable progress in classical music and because of this
he plays all forms of music to higher standards than just a few months ago. Yuriy is a former instructor for the San Francisco
Conservatory and presently teaches piano at the American River College.